How to check GST numbers online on GST portal? is a tool we developed to help you decode a GST number. You can easily verify your GSTIN with help of tool given on this website.

However today I will tell you how to verify GST number on GST portal itself.

Verifying GST number on GST portal

You have to visit GST portal to verify your GST number. You can check any GST number that you have. This is required to issue correct tax invoice and also to give correct GST credit to buyer.

Procedure to check GST number on GST website is:

  1. Visit GST website
  2. Click on Search Taxpayer
  3. Click on Search by GSTIN/UIN
  4. Enter GSTIN or UIN of tax payer
  5. Enter captcha
  6. Click on SEARCH button

If GST number provided by you is correct then details of tax payer will displayed on screen.