Tricks and Tips to file correct GST Returns

One of my client filed wrong GST returns and his buyers are not releasing payment. He is facing serious cash crunch.

Did you face similar issue?

One need to understand importance of filing correct GST returns. Your focus should be on filing correct return and not filing return on time.

Many clients focus on filing returns on time, instead of filing correct return. First issue with this approach is that revision of returns is not possible under GST (on date of writing) and you will face challenge to correct your mistake.

As of now entire GST return cycle is confusing and complex.

If your volume of transactions is below 100, you can manage but if transaction volume is huge, managing a mistake will be time consuming and complex task.

Major mistakes possible while filing GST Returns

Everyone wants to file correct GST returns, however there are many mistakes one can make. Few mistakes happens due to carelessness and few due to incorrect data.

If you are not careful, you may commit following mistakes:

  1. Data of wrong month uploaded in returns
  2. Wrong input credit availed
  3. Not availing available input tax credit
  4. Ignoring output liability
  5. Error while punching details in returns
  6. Exclusion or inclusion of wrong data

These were few mistakes a person can make, however there are scenario where mistake involved is just not about numbers but information provided is not factually correct.

Take an example, your buyer gave you his GST number. By mistake he gave you wrong GST number or you made mistake while noting down his GST number. In either case your buyer will not get correct amount of input tax credit in his GST returns.

It is always advised to check your GST numbers before you file your returns.

I personally felt the heat when by mistake few GST numbers were wrong and uploaded at the time of filing return.

I have one advise for you, the advise is to use a product which can help you to verify your GST numbers.

If you have very few GST numbers say 10-20 then you can individually check GST numbers. However if you have multiple GST numbers, you can use a multiple GSTIN verification tool of

This product is launched by CA Pulkit Sharma and is being used by big companies such as HDFC securities, Kent and many more.

I will advise you to use this product and it is not even costly. You can verify unlimited GST numbers with just Rs. 299. Even plans for month and complete year are available.