How to verify multiple gst numbers in bulk?

As an accountant dealing with GST return filing, you must have come across with requirement of verifying multiple gst numbers. Accountants are the backbone of the GST return filing system.

A wrong gst number enter in GSTR-1 form can result in loss of input tax credit.

Every company should verify GST numbers before uploading data in GSTR-1 to avoid blunders later on. Though you can search GST number individually, but in case where you have to verify multiple gst numbers, you need a strong tool.

KnowyourGST was the first website to launch a tool to verify multiple GST numbers. Though many other websites started duplicating knowyourgst bulk gst verfification tool but no one could match the expertise.

The procedure to verify multiple GST numbers in bulk:

  1. Visit
  2. You can verify upto 5 GST numbers without creating an account.
  3. To verify more than 5 gst numbers and get complete details (including address) sign up.
  4. Create an account.
  5. Recharge your account.
  6. Download CSV format.
  7. Copy and Paste GST number.
  8. All numbers should be of 15 digits otherwise you will not receive report.
  9. Upload CSV file and provide Email address.
  10. Within 5 minutes you will receive a report.

KnowyourGST bulk verification tool is super fast and cost is also not high. With Rs. 1250 plan you can verify unlimited GST numbers for 15 days.