How to find GST number with name?

If you are searching for GST number with help of name of tax payer, you have come at correct place. I will tell you how to search GST number with name.

I will tell you about different options available to find GST number (GSTIN) of a person, company, firm or LLP with name.

GST number search by company or tax payer name

Often people do mistake while noting down the GST number of a person. Many accountants who maintains accounts of their employer, makes mistake while punching GST numbers in accounting software.

Mistake is even made by buyer while giving GST number to seller.

At time of filing GST returns, often we see error regarding wrong GST number or GST number does not exist.

However, if GST portal does not show error, and if we file return with wrong GST number, your buyer will not get benefits of input tax credit. In long run it will create big issue for company.

It is better to verify GST number before uploading your GST returns to make sure that correct buyer gets input tax credit.

Different option available to check GST number by name

To be honest, there are 3 possible ways to check GST number of any person. You may find extra methods to find GST numbers by name of company but as of now, I can tell you about 3 methods available.

But beware that there is only 40% chances that will be able to find GSTIN with name.

No method is full proof and you will not get 100% accurate results by any method.

Different methods to search GST numbers with name are

  1. Check GST number by name on FINDGST
  2. Check on Google, many companies have their GST number on websites
  3. Check list of migrated tax payers on state VAT website or CBIC website

How to check GSTIN by company or Tax Payer's name on FindGST?

It is a very simple to check GSTIN with name of tax payer on

Procedure to check GST number by name is:

  1. Visit Search by Name
  2. Fill the name of tax payer in search box
  3. It is better to provide few letters of name along with state name
  4. Click on search button

You will get list of GST numbers along with other details of company you searched.

However, note that we do not guarantee 100% results.

We have collected GST numbers from different methods as explained above. So, there is chance that you will not get details of every tax payer.

But there is 90% chance of getting GST details of migrated tax payers (who were registered under VAT or service tax).

Here is the procedure to check GST numbers with name with each step and image proof.

In this example we will search GST number of Reliance Industries Ltd in Gujarat state.


In above image, you can check that I have made a search for "Reliance Industries Limited Gujarat" and 2 results are displayed.

You should take care of following things whenever you try to find gst number with name of a person.

  1. Check spelling
  2. Type Limited and not ltd etc.
  3. It is best to type few letters only as there is high chance of making spelling mistake with more letters.
  4. Type state name to get correct GSTIN. A company may have branches in different states and by default the results are restricted to 20 results.