Search and verify your GST Number (GSTIN)

Find details of a GST Number (GSTIN)

Goods and Services Tax was launched on July 1, 2017. It was a reform in Indian Indirect Tax regime. Every tax payer who has registered under GST will get a GST Registration Number (GSTIN). Each GST registration number is unique. GST number is based on PAN of tax payer.

What is GST number?

GST Number or GSTIN is a 15 digit unique number assigned to each tax payer who has registered under GST. You have to register under GST to get a GSTIN (GST Number). Your GST number is your identity that represents you under GST tax regime.

How to find details of a GST Number?

If you have a GST Number, you can easily find the details of a GST number. You can use above form to search any GST number. You need to fill the GST number of person and click on search button to find details of any GST number. Checking details of a GST number is completely free.

Details of GST number are retrieved from GSTN servers and are accurate. You will get details of a GST number such as Tradename, State of Registration, Indicative address of tax payer, his jurisdictional details.

What is format of a GST number and what each character specify?

Gst Number or GSTIN or GST Identification Number is a 15 digit unique number. Each GST number contains 15 characters. The first 2 digits represents state to which GST number belongs. For example, if your GST number starts with 29 means you registered in Karnataka. Similarly each state is given an identification number.

Next 10 digits of a GST number represents your PAN (Permanent Account Number). PAN is compulsory for GST registration and GST number is based on PAN of tax payer. You need to have a PAN to get GST number.

The digit number 13 represents how many GST numbers you have in the state. You can obtain multiple GST registration with a single PAN if you have different business verticals. 13th digit represents number of registration obtained using a single PAN. 14th and 15th are checksum numbers. 15th character does not have any use as of now and in future may be specified for a particular purpose.

Can we find details of a GST number with name?

GSTN has not provided facility to search GST numbers with name. However there is a smart way to find GST number with name. You can visit individual state websites and search GST number with name referring to their list of tax payers devided based on turnover.

We have made this task simple for you. You can find GST number by name of company or search GST number with PAN of company.

What if my details are wrong?

If you have verified your GST no. and found it to be wrong, you can login to your GST account and change the details. Apply for GST amendment and get your information corrected.