Forgot GST Login User ID and Password

I forgot my GST login id and password, what to do? How to get my GST login user id and password? I forgot my email ID. My accountant is not giving me my GST login id and password and he has updated his login id and password.

Many people have problems with their GST login id and password. They tend to forget it. Normally one has to change login user id and password after few days.

People remember their first login user id and password but forget their changed login user id and password.

In some cases people got their GST registration done by an accountant or consultant or a Chartered Accountant, and consultant gives his email id and password for registration. People cannot retrieve their login credentials as they do not have access to registered email id and mobile number.

These are very panic situations and people start to feel trouble at time of filing GST returns.

However there are many option available to reset your user id and password, in case you forgot your login details.

How to reset GST login ID (Username)?

It is very simple process to reset your GST Login ID. To reset GST login id you need to:

  1. Visit GST website
  2. Click on Login
  3. Click on Forgot Username
  4. Provide your GSTIN
  5. An OTP will be sent to your registered email id and mobile number
  6. Enter OTP
  7. Username will be mailed on your registered email id

Lets understand these steps with help of screenshots.

Forgot Username Option


GSTIN entering in form


OTP Screen


Final message


With these easy steps you can reset your GST login username. It is actually not reset but your username will be mailed to your registered email id.

You will receive an email with username as follow:

Dear Applicant/ Taxpayer/ Tax Consultant,

Tax Payer Name or Tax Consultant Name ________: Provisional ID/ Registration Number _____________.
This is to inform you that your user name is ____________.

This is a system generated mail for general information purposes only and unless otherwise specifically mentioned therein should not be construed as an acknowledgement, authentication and/or approval of any kind about the correctness of the information/data successfully submitted by you. 
Though all efforts have been made to keep the contents of this mail accurate, the same is not intended for and/or should not be construed as a statement of law or used for any legal purposes against GSTN. 
The information transmitted as part of this mail is meant only for the intended person/entity only and may contain confidential, proprietary and/or privileged information/material of GSTN. GSTN does not accept or assume any liability of any nature against any person/entity in relation to the accuracy, completeness, usefulness and/or relevance or otherwise of the information as part of this mail. 
Any use, reuse, review, retransmission, dissemination, paraphrasing, distribution or other uses o  f the in  formation contained in this mail, through any medium whatsoever, by any person/entity/recipient shall strictly be at their own risks and for any claims/issues in relation thereto GSTN shall not be liable for any expense, losses, damages and/or liability thereof. 
If you are not the intended recipient of this mail or information contained therein, please forthwith, contact the sender and delete the material completely from your computer/s and/or the device/s wherein the contents/information of this mail may have been stored.

This was an easy process. However what if you do not have access to your registered email address? We will read about it in next section.

How to get GST login password if forgot?

In above section we learned about getting your GST Login username and here we will learn about resetting your GST login password.

I will not attach any image for this process as it is similar to above steps.

Process to reset or retrieve your lost GST login password is:

  1. Visit GST website
  2. Click on Login
  3. Click on Forgot Password
  4. Type your Login Username
  5. OTP will be sent 
  6. Type OTP
  7. Option to reset password is available
  8. Type your new login password

How to reset GST login username and password if email and mobile number are lost or not given by consultant?

Procedure to get your username and reset password is very simple.

However you will face problem when you do not have access to your login username and password. In this situation, it is very difficult to reset your id and password.

In most of the cases I have received question from people where either consultant gave his own email id and password or consultant does not share OTP with tax payer.

Unfortunately in this situation there is no option to get your login username and password online.

You have to visit your GST jurisdictional officer with an application and documents and request him to update your correct contact details and reset your GST username and password.