SAC 995455 Structural steel erection services

SAC (Services Accounting Code) code 995455 is classified under group 99545 (Special trade construction services) of GST services classification. Group 99545 is classified under heading 9954 (Construction services). You can check GST tax rate on 9954, Construction services.

Decoding SAC 995455

Digits Details

First 4 digits, (9954) represents heading under which this SAC falls.

This heading is for Construction services.


5 digit SAC code for Special trade construction services

First 5 digits, (99545) represents group number.

This group is for Special trade construction services.


6 digit SAC code for Structural steel erection services

6 digit SAC code, (995455) represents service.

This code is for Structural steel erection services.

GST on Structural steel erection services

We have filtered GST applicable on Special trade construction services including GST on Structural steel erection services, GST on Construction services. You can GST on group Special trade construction services by visiting this link.